Misc Section

As I get time I will be adding various stats and numbers to this area. So far I plan to post additional data about mobs her, like strengths and weaknesses, xp and ap ratings and a lot more, basically all the numbers that this mod uses to determine xp, ap, and item rewards. At the time of launching this website I just didnt have enough time to get this section completed. As time permits I should get this section filled out.

Fiend Folio

Welcome to our Fiend Folio. All info is updated regularly to be as up to date as possible. This is a one stop resource for learning how to target particular mobs for xp or ap, learn what works good and what doesnt work when attacking and defending against mobs. XP is calculated from entity rating, current level of player, and other factors, so look at the ratings as a guide to how much XP you should get. A higher rating indicates a higher amount of xp gained a lower rating indicates a smaller amount of xp gain.

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