Guntopia Legend of the Guns Items

This section contains information on all the supportive items in this mod. From gun and armor upgrades to gun tools are covered here. Check out our other sections in this site for info on the major items and blocks.

Gun Upgrades Available

There currently is only 4 upgrades available for guns. Any gun can accept as many as 10 upgrades of a particular type. Upgrades are applied using the gun workbench, see our blocks section for details on its use.

Gun Accuracy Upgrade
Gun Damage Upgrade
Gun Recoil Upgrade
Gun Slot Upgrade

Gun Accuracy Upgrade

Upgrades selected gun's accuracy. Accuracy overall is a very small random number used in determining how far off course the bullet will travelfrom where the player has clicked. It is multiplied by the gun accuracy value to determine the actual offset. The gun workbench will show a value from 1 - 10, 10 being perfect accuracy, however the true number is actually the difference between 10 and the current gun value, so a 9.5 in the workbench is truly a .5 accuracy value. The accuracy value is reduced by 10% of its default value, which means it takes 10 accuracy upgrades to have perfect accuracy in any gun.