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Guntopia Legend of the Guns

Welcome to Legend of the Guns, a Forge mod which adds guns and special armor that support up to eight effects to either add to the punishment or defend against it. Every item and block is rendered from custom 3d models, guns have custom sounds, actual cycle rates, reload rates, support mags, and can be upgraded. Armor and guns support complete style changes from black guns/armor to golden ones, to several different types of camouflage. Both bullets alone and bullets with effects not only affect living things but also the blocks around you. You can shoot a lever and activate it, TNT to set it off, if your really crazy add explode effect and increase the TNT's yield up to 10 times. Freeze water, set stuff on fire, light up an area, or even teleport a cow back to a fenced in area. Bullets make appropriate sounds when they hit stuff too. All this and tons more is possible with any of the guns in this mod. This mod uses a RPG system for balancing the guns and armor with Minecraft. Players have levels, acquire GP which can be used to get more items, effects also have their own levels called AP and get stronger as they level up. Together it all makes for a balanced game that brings a fresh new idea to the game of Minecraft.