Getting Started with Legend of the Guns

Welcome to Guntopia getting started guide. This will hopefully help those new to the mod get started on their path to becoming a master of guns. I will be adding to this section as time permits so check back often for new tips, videos, and any new tutorials about playing this mod.

First Steps

First make sure to download the mod, install forge and have it working, or for server play join a server running Guntopia. Install instructions are covered more in detail in the download section of this site. Beginning of a new game really is no different than any vanilla start. You need to protect yourself, and gather resources, so start by doing that. Mining is key to a quick start in Guntopia. Everything in the mod requires steel to be used. To make steel you need a steel foundry, plus a bunch more iron and coal. So gather as much iron as you can, also gather coal, and begin mining down to reach diamond. You will eventually need diamond to produce high carbon steel and/or a vending machine. For that reason gather at least enough to make a pick axe, plus 2 for the vending machine at the very least. Alternatively if you plan on crafting a better sword or armor than you'll need 10 more diamonds at least for that. also collect some redstone, and you need obsidian so you might as well look for all of it now. Once you got all of this then create your foundry. You should get a achievement, bonus xp and gp for doing this. Now create some steel using the foundry. For a tutorial video of the Steel Foundry, or find details on how to use it is in the blocks section of this site.

Now that you have some steel, you have a few options. If you have other mods that have good basic armor than great, if not then I suggest using the basic armor which can be crafted using the standard recipe for armor but with the steel you just produced. Its not as good as the advanced armor but is realitively cheap. Ill explain armors later in this walk-thru, but for the price its better than iron armor for sure. At the least I suggest crafting the helmet which gives you the HUD, press [h] to move where its located on the screen once its equipped it has several diplay options but comes off by default. It also gives you another achievement, more XP and GP. Next craft a basic steel sword, which uses steel ingot but is crafted like a normal sword would be. This sword is not all that great damage wise but allows you to start earning xp and eventually it allows for one effect card which means AP as well. Now if you have diamonds to just throw away then I would suggest using them to make high carbon steel via the foundry, this gives you the advanced armor and sword, crafted the standard way but with the new high carbon steel. Remember to save two diamonds for the most important block in the mod, the Vending Machine. This block allows you to purchase any item in the mod from it using GP you collect by killing stuff and getting achievements. Crafting this gives you yet one more achievement, GP and XP. You should be fairly close to level five by getting these 3 achievements so it wont take much time to kill some stuff and gain the little needed to reach level 5. Levels in this mod are intended to be fast and furious in the beginning, so levels should go fast enough without too much trouble.

Once reaching level five you will have the revolver, your first gun, available in the Vending Machine. Purchase it, you should have plenty of GP to do so, purchase some bullets as well. Check out our video tutorial on basic gun usage. The first thing I would do is use your gun to kill at least one thing, and again another achievement, gp and xp. From here its all about gaining levels, buying better weapons, effects, upgrades, then customizing your gun and armor to suite your needs. As you go you will encounter more achievements as yo equip and use all the different effect cards. So this concludes the early game walk thru, from here on out its all about leveling up to get new guns, effects, and upgrades.