Legend of the Guns Effect Card Library

This page contains all the information available on Guntopia effect cards. These cards are sorted into a few specific categories below. Check out our general information section for a thorough breakdown of how effects work in general in this mod, or follow the categories and learn about effect specific information.

How Guntopia's Effect Cards Work

Effect cards are a unique item in this mod in that they themselves do nothing, however when added to a gun or armor they become powerful tools in a player's pursuit of XP and GP. Effect cards can be purchased from the vending machine, availability there is dependent on player level and can be expensive. Fortunately you can also craft them from effect crystals that you get from mob drops, items stolen, targets transformed, or even targets disintegrated. They come in 6 colors and 3 sizes, the largest one being relatively rare, the medium sized ones would be uncommon, and small ones are the most common. Again you can combine 9 small to make a medium one, 9 mediums to make a large one, so it may take some time but your very likely to craft a few of the more powerful ones long before they are available and you can purchase them. So its a choice really how you want to acquire your effect cards.

All effect cards have their own experience or leveling scheme, called AP, which increases the effect cards strength as it's level increases. There are 5 levels currently implemented for effect cards, which is what the little progress/dmg bar on them indicate. Ap can only be gained when a player kills entities, which means only effects cards in the active gun/sword can gain AP. All entities have different AP values so some entities will award more AP than others. Effect cards in armor do not gain AP, because when damage is applied, defence will always win out against offence, which is an key advantage in favor of the armor, to also then award AP would make leveling up effect cards way to easy.

Effects can be added or removed from guns/swords/armor via the effect workbench. To clarify armor a bit, only chestplates from the basic or advanced combat armor can accept effect cards. See our blocks section of this site for a more detailed description of the effect workbench. There is another difference between effects in guns/swords and effects in armor. Effects cards mostly work the same way in that you cant put two damage up cards in a gun and get double the effect, same for armor, however some effects just plainly dont work in armor, like gun and attribute effect cards. Avoid putting these in your armor and save its slot for something better. Gun effect cards either adds an accessory or changes gun functions. Scopes are a good example where putting 2 of the same or multiple different scopes does not work, only the last scope added is the one used. They both would gain AP but only one would work. Fire mode changes however do allow for multiples, so you can have semi, full auto, and 3 round burst on one gun, only one works at a time, but it can be toggled via the [v] key. An icon will display on the gun in your inventory if its not in semi auto mode. See our weapons section for more detail about how they function.