Guntopia Legend of the Guns Official Downloads

In this section you should find links to all versions of this mod currently available. Remember to check back often to keep your copy of this mod current and running the latest version. Major updates wont happen often, but minor updates and critical patches do.

This mod requires forge to be installed and running to use. You can get the latest forge copies here, I have also included a direct link to the specific version that runs best for each version of the mod below. Currently Guntopia Legend of the guns only supports Minecraft version 1.7.10 however i am already working on bringing it to 1.8.9 here soon. I dont like just making my mod for every version of forge, instead i like the idea of doing the versions with the most mods built for it, 1.8.9 seems like a good choice. If you encounter problems with this mod, either hit me up via twitter or facebook, or leave them on my project in the issues section over at Curse. Its also handy to have at the least a copy of the console log with the error in it along with a mod list your running so I can try and duplicate the error on my side the best i can if needed, thanks.

Now works for both single player and server.

Current Working Build

Forge Version mod built: 1.7.10-

Installing this mod

Download and install Forge first. once you have it installed and working then simply download this mod and place the zip file in the mods directory in your default minecraft install location. in Windows this directory is usually installed in users\[username]\applocals\roaming\.minecraft\mods , or you can use a minecraft loader like MultiMC which automates a lot of this and mskes it easier to manage different mods, saves, and worlds. Restart minecraft and you should be good to go. Upgrading is as easy as replacing the old mod zip file with the new one.

Bleeding Edge Highlights

Currently updating to Minecraft 1.8.9