Guntopia Legend of the Guns Blocks

In this section you can learn about all the blocks in this mod. There is not a lot of them in this mod but they do pack in the functionality.

Armor Repair Bench
Armor Work Bench
Effect Work Bench
Gold Conversion Unit
Gun Cleaning Bench
Gun Work Bench
Steel Foundry
Gun Safe
Target Dispenser
Profile Target
Standard Target
Teleport Configurator
Vending Machine

Armor Repair Bench

Armor Repair Bench
Repairs basic and advanced combat armor at a cost of GP and a little time.
Place damaged armor in only slot. Use the buttons to add an amount to repair, once you have the amount of damage to repair and agree on its cost, click the repair button. It will start repairing the armor. The armor will be locked until repair is complete. Once its complete it will unlock the armor and you can then pull it out. You are charged at time of clicking repair button, thats why the item is locked until its completed the whole repair process.