Guntopia Legend of the Guns Combat Armor

This section contains detailed information about the 2 different types of armor this mod currently offers. Both the basic and advanced combat armor supports effect cards, up to 9 different display styles, and excellent overall defensive capabilities. The advanced armor also supports upgrades adding special abilities to the player wearing it. Currently the HUD for this mod is also tied to the helmet of either set of armor. When helmet is equipped, press[h] to toggle through the various positions on the screen for it, or to turn it off entirely. I have plans to add a better HUD system but didnt have time to make that happen before launch, so it is fairly basic at this point.

General Info about Combat Armor

Both sets of armor offered by this mod have some serious advantages over anything vanilla. Damage generally when applied in Minecraft is fully applied to teh target with a specific type of damage specified, and who or what it was done by. Both sets of combat armor actually reduce some types of vanilla damages before they are applied to the target. This reduces the amount of damage you take, and reduces the damage points applied to the armor. Due to the fact Guntopia's combat armor also allows for effects to be attached, I had to implement my own damage and repair system so they dont break and disappear if they take to much damage. Once a piece of combat armor reaches its damage limit it simply stops functioning. If its a helmet then youll still have your helmet but youll be taking more of the damage. If its a chestplate/vest then effects will stop working. If the broken armor is advanced combat armor, special upgrades will also stop functioning. You then have a choice to either make more armor, buy a new set, or fix it using the armor repair bench.

You can upgrade your advanced armor, change any armors style using the armor workbench. You are allowed to mix and match styles, so you can have a different style on your boots then from the rest of your armor if you wish. Effects can be added or removed using the effect workbench. Effect cards are not all created equal, some work in armor one way, a few work another, then there are some that dont work at all. Gun, block, and attribute effect cards do not work in the armor. you can add them all you want but they have at this point really no effect. That leaves status, attack, and utility effects that do. For the status effects the defense either reduces the time of the status effect or cancels it entirely. Attack effects in armor will either reduce the amount of damage being applied, cancel it out entirely, and in some cases actaully gain the player wearing the armor life. Utility effects are simply just cancelled. Most are powerful effects that have a one hit kill ability, because of this I decided to balance the offense out by allowing just the presence of this effect to cancel damage from them. This is to help curb spawn camping and other stuff generally associated to multiplayer shooters like Call of Duty, which I absolutely despise. Everyone deserves a chance to play the game and not have to worry about stuff like this. Thats why I balanced them this way.