About Legend of the Guns Mod

Several years ago I was introduced to Minecraft by a few friends. Being a tinkerer, and diy type I had no problem consuming hours of my day playing it. Then after some time I started playing with mods in minecraft, then that progressed into making cool Computer Craft scripts, which then brought me to the idea of making my own mod to allow me to have my own computers, one for each script I was writing. This began the process of learning Forge and producing my first mod ImelCraft. It is what I would call a vanilla extension mod with really no real overall purpose. Once I finished that mod I decided I wanted to do something a bit more fun, and this is where my second mod Murdered by Zombies. This mod was a zombie shooter with a lot of guns, levels, and stats. I never really finished it and it still sits in the alpha release phase. Fast forward 6 months and I came back to upgrade both mods to 1.83 Forge. Turns out most of what I did in them would need to change, or be entirely rebuilt. So I decided to create a new mod, taking what i learned in the 2 other mods and making something better from it. I removed most of the blocks, added in better working guns, reworked the leveling a bit and Guntopia was born.

Now there are a lot of gun mods out there, its probably the most common mod to build. Most are basic or entry level mods, but there are more than a few really good ones, or ones looking to have some promise. Obviously I want my mod to be one of the good ones, so all my time building it should pay off with a good solid core mod. I wanted to stand out so guns, weapons, and armor in this mod are implemented a bit different than most. Guns specifically are much more refined I think in this mod compared to others. As you play you should notice that I go far beyond making the gun fire realistically. I really just wanted it to be overall complete, which I think it is close to being. So there is every intent here to deliver the most complete gun mod, hopefully the most balanced with respects to the game, with features that are new and fresh to the gameplay.

If I had to choose which part of the mod is the best or has the most potential, then I would point you to the targets and their dispensers. When I thought about them originally I didnt know how I was going to ultimately implement them. As I completed and started testing them I soon realized they very well could be the most popular block in the mod, and alos popular even in Minecraft Forge mods in general. I know I sound like Im boasting, and really I dont mean it entirely that way. Playing with the target and their dispensers got me excited to build stuff in Minecraft again. It made me imagine all the ways you could make a shooting gallery, and all the stuff I could add to make it even better. So for inspiring creativity I would say its up there with the greats. Now I haven't seen anyone implement anything like that in a mod so its new, unique, and I could see people losing hours on builds and shoots with them. This is why I can say its going to be a popular one for sure.

Future Plans For The mod

The future of this mod all depends on you the user. If you like it and the user base grows then I can see me adding lots more content, more weapons in general, and lots more targets. I have a lot of plans but all require time and energy to do them. So the mods success will dictate its updates to a degree. Now I am currently working on getting it upgraded to 1.89, so thats happening for sure. Current build information can be found in our downloads section, so visit there for whats currently in build, features added and features upcoming.

Other Minecraft Projects

None are in the works as this is written, however I do plan to restart the Computer Craft idea I had. The idea was to have software to install in computercraft computers to allow for a complete domain style network to be implemented including domains, user management with permissions and rights granted on network, basically it was a from the ground up implementing my own network language, routers, dns, terminals, file servers, and a bunch more. I had the idea so I could replicate a true security system for builds like a nuclear power plants and the like. I wanted to do a mod extending Computer Craft to allow me to make each type of computer look like the device I was emulating, adding server racks to store your servers, ect.. Its not dead by any means just on hold till I have time and maybe get some help with it.

Other Non-Related Projects

I do other projects that are not related to Minecraft. So for my DIY projects please visit my youtube channel for a list of projects Im doing or have completed in the past.

About Author

To start I am older, been writing code for over 20 years in one language or another. I currently work as a quasi SQL Developer and SQL DBA for a local software company. I have 2 beautiful daughters that take up most of my free time outside of work. I tend to spend any remaining time on side projects to keep me busy, modding is one of them and one of the most rewarding as well. I also do DIY builds, building a solar generator, my own solar panels, and many more ideas that pop into my head.